Everyone sees what everyone is doing.

Reposive is the only tool that brings real-time information on local development status to the cloud, completely in the background.


Increase transparency

Everyone sees what you’re working on, others see what you’re working on. All in real time.


Works with any service

It doesn’t matter where you push your code. Keep using Github, Bitbucket or whatever else is your favorite – private or public.


Free syncing app

Background syncing is fully automated with the Reposive app. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Serve your followers

See open-source development as it happens. Increase public interest by broadcasting your activity.


Fully automated

We're committed to delivering solutions that don't ask for manual labor from the end user. Reposive just works.


Git + Mercurial

Both Git and Mercurial repos are fully supported. Support for other systems is also planned.

Sign up for free

We’re rolling up an open beta soon. Reposive will come as a free service for small teams and open-source projects.

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